Group Life

GroupLife is our avenue through which you can connect and develop relationally here at TWBC....  


We believe in facilitating a culture of community through which meaningful and edifying relationship can be formed.  We currently offer ‘The Porch’ for men and ‘Heart To Heart’ for ladies.  We offer several small group opportunities such as bible studies and other activity based gatherings.  The main promotion of these groups take place at ‘The Porch’ and ‘Heart To Heart’.  It’s our goal that you’ll make connections with others who share similar interests and together establish a group that gathers regularly to enjoy that activity or study. 

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart’s vision is to show every woman that she is wanted and included. We live to encourage and empower one another as we expect miracles together. All while pursuing what is pure and lovely, reflecting Christ as we deeply love one another through each season of our lives. We gather on the 1st Thursday of every month for Hang Outs, where we are able to get to know each other in comfortable and fun settings. We also gather every 3rd Thursday to worship and hear a message from the Word of God.  After, we break into small groups to discuss the that message.  Each time we gather you will walk away knowing you have a family of woman who love you and have your back as you walk out the plan of God for your life.

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The Porch

The Porch is designed for men to have a place of fellowship and camaraderie.  We are currently holding monthly gatherings and any man ages 14-114 is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Just like its name insinuates, The Porch, is a relaxed and safe place where you can let your guard down and be real doing stuff guys enjoy.  There’s no hidden agenda, just guys hanging out, having a good time with food and a fun activity.  We know that you’ll make connections at The Porch that will grow into reliable and long lasting friendships.

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