Try It?


hat is it? #1


Scripture: Psalm 92:13

Spiritual Growth Challenge: Recognize what is actually Fruit.

Spiritual Growth - The Word, Worship, Prayer, Living Generously


One of the struggles we have as believers are differentiating when the Bible says “We Are” and we relegate it to what “WeDo.”

Such as over comers, we determine it to be an event when God says it is who we are.

If we were to say to the Apostle Paul,"Let's go to church?" he would look at us so confused. Because ekklesia is a Greek word defined as “a called-out assembly or congregation.” You are not going somewhere; you are "the somewhere."


When we say TryChurch - it is more than coming to a building; it is people encountering God through you. You are someone’s somewhere!

Psalm 92:13 “They are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of ourGod.”

The role of the Church is to provide a place to be planted, fruitful and flourishing. But if you don't get planted, you will never produce.


Who isTWBC?

TWBC Vision: To lead people into an encounter with God that always results in LifeChange.


TWBC is driven by a passion for the presence of God; expressed in sound Biblical teaching with balanced and healthy ministry.

We are committed to providing strong, stable leadership for our families and the community.

TWBC isa place for you to find and experience LifeChange.


What is Planted?

I want to clarify an “untruth” so we can start with the truth.Sometimes people come up with neat phrases that sound spiritual and sincere but are sincerely wrong.


To get the right fruit, you need to plant the right stuff!


One of those phrases is, "Don't be a fruit inspector; be a root inspector."

           Jesus uses earthly illustrations to convey Spiritual Realities!


In Matthew 7:16, Jesus said, "You will recognize them by their fruits.” So also, Matthew12:33 says, "for the tree is known by its fruit.”

His earthly illustration is Fruit and Trees. Jesus’ spiritual reality is that you can tell almost everything you need to know about the tree is good or bad, by its Fruit.


The real question is, "Are we producing Fruit or justVegetation?”

The purpose of Fruit is to duplicate the Tree. The purpose of You is to duplicate Jesus.

The purpose of Vegetation or Leaves is to absorb the essential things needed for the survival of the tree.

Leaves are consumers; Fruit are producers. Everyone needs to consume but not confuse.

Many Believers think they are producing Fruit when we are just producing Vegetation.


There is nothing wrong with producing vegetation. It is needed. It is also essential for the survival of the tree. Just do not deceive yourself on the difference between consuming and producing.



Coming to Church - Vegetation                          Inviting/Bringing someone to Church - Fruit

Reading your Bible - Vegetation                         Doing what the Bible says - Fruit

Listening to a PodCast - Vegetation                   Applying the Revelation - Fruit

Listening to Christian Music - Vegetation            Worshiping is Fruit


Illustration: The blessing line at Starbucks - only the first person produced fruit


Many Believers are in a Vegetative State.

How do we produce? Vegetation produces Fruit through activation.

We need to produce Fruit where you are while deepening Roots where you’re Growing.

At TWBC, we care more about investing in you than what we can get from you.

If we do not determine the difference between Good Gifts andSupreme Value, the Good Gifts will become Bad Gods.

Good Gifts are good things; however, they always compete with the decisions of Supreme Value in your life.

Decisions of Supreme Value are the overarching values you want to put in place to set the structure of your life.


YourAnswer: Whether you are lost or saved is “Get planted into Jesus.”