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hat God has accomplished in and through His people since 1999 is beyond imaginable. Our vision throughout the years has not wavered from “life-change.” There are hundreds of stories where God has touched people, and it has changed their life. The construction of our first building was a massive step of faith for our church family and I. In 2005 I signed offer on a $350,000 construction loan in my 20's; only faith and trust in God could carry me through. Every time I take a step of faith, God always reveals a path. His vision for our property is still alive, as our church family has grown exponentially since our early days. Let’s respond to God’s grace with even greater faith in the Father. We have always intended for our current building to become a NextGen facility, and then add a Worship Center. Now is the time to build it for Him. With a vision aligned with God’s direction, we will complete this journey together. Our steps towards building a legacy, pave the path for our children and grandchildren to walk a faith-filled life. Right now, we must be “All In” with building His kingdom for generations to come. Today, we have shot a lasting legacy for more life-change opportunities to be inspired tomorrow. Will you join me in being All In? I am incredibly blessed to be your pastor, and I’m excited for what is ahead.

Pastor Joel
Lead Pastor

The Facts:
  • Over the past two years, we have had 143 people encounter Christ, become born again, and follow through with baptism.
  • Easter 2020, during the country’s biggest pandemic crisis, we were able to minister to 1,548 individual people. Through TWBC’s online campus, almost 350 more people were reached than the prior year.
  • During our NextGen services, we minister to 295 children weekly.
  • We have partnered with 10 local and abroad missions organizations to further His Kingdom around the world.
  • On average, our Freedom Department ministers to 65 families monthly to help them walk out their faith.
  • Our pastors and staff guide over 30 churches to help them lead and minister to their community.
  • Within the past two years, we have cultivated the growth of over 40 small groups.
  • Our Worship Center Café gives away coffee and donuts each Sunday. How many? Only God knows.
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Why renovate & build?

Our Vision

Phase 1

Renovate Facility for NextGen


Phase 2

Build New Worship Center

-In Progress

Phase 3

Build Office Addition

-Future Need

Maxed Out Space
We have maxed out space for our Sunday morning worship experience.
Lacking Space
We lack foyer and meeting spaces for people to gather, visit, and make lasting relationships.
Handicap Accessibility
Various handicap accessibility issues need to be resolved, including inadequate restrooms, lack of upper-level access, and limited parking.
Outgrown Platform
We have outgrown our platform, which hinders people from engaging in worship.
Indoor Spaces
Indoor spaces for fellowship gatherings, meals, events, or NextGen activities are limited.
Outdoor Gathering Space
Outdoor gathering spaces for future NextGen hangouts, GroupLife events, and general fellowship are limited.
Current Facility Renovation

Phase 1 Recap

When God made way for us to renovate our current facility in February, we did not expect to start the renovation until March. However, the second quarter of 2020 was unfathomable. By His grace, we were able to complete Phase 1 of 3. We transformed our current facility into a NextGen Facility.

With no interruption during the seven-week COVID 19 shutdown, we renovated the facility from top to bottom. The upstairs was reconfigured to expand space for kids on Sunday mornings and youth on Wednesday nights. Our sound booth tripled in size to increase media capabilities and better engage our rapidly growing online community.

The downstairs underwent additional changes. All restroom stalls were renovated, with the woman’s bathroom doubling in size. Also, the pastor’s offices were converted into a new nursery and toddler space. And one of the children’s rooms was converted into a multipurpose room. Our pastors and staff will share this office space during the week and conduct various educational/training activities on evenings and weekends. Lastly, a Team TWBC space was created for all our volunteers.


$311,325 // Paid in full




The Lounge


Phase 2 Focus

To start Phase 2, our new Worship Center, we must meet the minimum lending requirements within the next year. With grateful hearts, we pray for the means to give generously. While all of our contributions might not be financially equal, let’s embark on a path of equal sacrifice and obedience. Giving above and beyond our current tithes and offerings will help us achieve the following goal.

Our Goal

$1.5 M// Paid Within Next Year

Final Cost

$5.5 M

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Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions that we haven't answered here, please reach out to us.

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What is the Plan?

We have prepared the necessary construction documents behind the scenes to proceed with buildout- once funds become available. As of September 2020, the following pre-construction requirements are in processor nearly complete: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Soil Sampling, Topographic Survey, Interior Finish Design, and Audio-Visual Design. The cost of these services was $299,494. Through God’s provision, we paid for these services in full and remain debt-free as a church. Our desire is to begin building within 12 months to create our God-honoring legacy.

What is the project timeline?

September 27, 2020 – Information Sunday Pray during this coming week to prepare your hea and ask God what He wants you to give. Be open to how He wants you to contribute and take bold steps of faith to follow His instructions. (2 Corinthians 8:11-14)

October 4, 2020 – Legacy/Commitment Sunday On the first Sunday of every month, all tithes and o€erings are designated to reach our $1.5 million goal. The best way we can honor God is by being good stewards of what He has given us. We operate on a 40-week budget so that 12 weeks are dedicated to building our legacy.

September 5, 2021 – Legacy Fulfillment Sunday This is the last day to fulfill the commitment you made towards our legacy and God’s vision for TWBC. Although your commitment is fulfilled, this doesn’t stop our work towards building a legacy. To build it, let’s continue to set aside our first fruits monthly o€ffering.
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What is the full cost of the building project?

The new Worship Center’s projected cost is $5.5 million. And we will begin to facilitate bids as the start date approaches to finalize the cost.

How should I give?

On October 4, each family will be asked to make a commitment and bring their “Legacy” offering. Together, we will celebrate what God is doing in and through us. Praying for His continued care and support during tough times, let’s honor the victory of what He has done. As we prepare our hearts and finances, let’s ask God for creative ways to increase your gift. Involve your whole family in raising a specific amount for your “Legacy” offering. This commitment will be spread over 12 months and can be given weekly, monthly, or in a one-time gift. In addition to monetary gifts, you may wish to give assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, etc. Call the church office for assistance at 903.438.2363.

What about my regular giving?

Your commitment to “All In” should be an amount God leads you to give- over and above your regular tithe and offerings. We must maintain our giving to the operating budget for day-to-day church operations to continue and expand His kingdom.

What about Phase 3?

Our pastors and staff will wait on God’s timing to build Phase 3. The addition is estimated to cost $2.5 million. The remaining office and meeting spaces needed to aid our community and church will happen in His time. You will receive future updates as God compels us to begin this process. Our staff is excited to make any sacrifices needed to see God’s vision for TWBC be fulfilled. Currently, the team will continue to work from the conference room at our current facility. Their office supplies are kept in backpacks to remain mobile and vision focused. And you might see pastors studying and connecting with members around town at various restaurants and businesses.